Teenage Boy Sat At Gaming Station Web 500X334Video games are competitive by nature and have been played competitively since their conception in 1952, with the development of computerised "tic-tac-toe".  Shortly after, in 1958, this was followed up by the first two person interactive competitive game, originally called "tennis for two". In 1981, the first major e-sports tournament was held (the space invaders championship), it attracted over 10,000 players and cemented e-sports into widely accepted mainstream culture.  Companies like Nintendo were famous for their World Video Game Championships in the 1990s, encouraging video game lovers to come to the USA in hopes to become the best in the world. Release of first-person shooter Doom in 1993 began the era of multi-player death match games that continues to this date.

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Today electronic sports involve competitive play of various video game genres, including fighting games, real-time strategy games, dancing games, sports games and first-person shooters. E-sports events attract thousands of players and top athletes enjoy their rightfully earned popularity. The development of internet technologies allows millions of players to experience the excitement of electronic sports on their gaming devices.

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